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    Load Data from a Script Variable in Qliksense

    Madhur Mehrotra


      Im trying to load data from a variable in qlikview which is working fine but same code is not working in qliksense.


      We load some data from a url which we store in a variable but same variable is not working in qliksense script. It gives me an error

      The following error occurred:

      LOAD statement only works with lib:// paths in this script mode...


      Here is the sample code which i am trying to load.


      LIB CONNECT TO 'GWMMISDEV (naeast_d281410)';



      //Gets user list from the link



      SELECT mis_app,

          xml_urls as url

      FROM Schema.table_dim a

      Where a.col1 ='ABC';


      LET vUser = if(isNull(peek('url',0,'USER_LIST')),1,peek('url',0,'USER_LIST')) ; 




           @13:19 as 'StandardId',

          'ABCDEr' as 'Function_Entl'  // Key to parent table: WmUisEntitled

      FROM $(vUser)

      (fix, codepage is 1252);

      WHERE @1:12 = '<StandardId>';

      Exit Script;


      Loading data from v(user) is not happening in qliksense.



      Above code work perfectly fine in qlikvew but not in qliksense.. do we have the workaround for this