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    Identifiers in NPrinting Logs

    Jay Fitchett

      Hi Everyone,

      We have experienced some issues when sending out a report via email for the first time (sent to about 40 users). It appears that our Exchange Server isn't configured to take this many emails simultaneously, so most of them failed to send. I think we can figure that issue out - my question is about the fail messages - "Failed to send e-mail for bucket fca0b1b8-2502-4c79-9677-cffa7aebd90f." (there's lots of these). What's a bucket? And how do I know who received the email and who didn't? I'd say about 5 of the 40 received the email and I don't want to send it to them again. How do I associated "fca0b1b8-2502-4c79-9677-cffa7aebd90f" to an NPrinting user account??


      Thanks for your help!!

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          Frank Savino


          This issue is common when:

          - the email server is configured correct but...

          - users added to the report task do not have the 'user' and 'newsstand user' role applied to them.

          To resolve this,

          -open 'admin' 'users' and go to the 'roles' menu item for the user you wish to modify.

          -move the 'users' and 'newsstand' users from available items to selected items

          -click 'update user roles'

          -rerun the task


          This should resolve the issue.



          If you are still experiencing the issue, please submit a support request directly to the Qlik Support Portal here:


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              Jay Fitchett

              Hi Frank,

              Thanks for the input - all the users do have the correct roles. We ended up sending the emails out in 5 user chunks and everything worked out fine. I think the problem is with our exchange server and overloading it with too many emails at once.

              Any idea how I can correlate the identifiers in the logs to something more understandable so that I can know more clearly when something went wrong? If there's an error, how do I interpret the error message so I know who didn't receive an email?

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                  Frank Savino

                  Perhaps the file size of the output is not sustainable by the exchange server.

                  I would suggest sharing your findings with the email admin in your organization so that they can make the necessary adjustments to the exchange server to allow the volume and data accordingly that is being sent from the NP server.


                  Currently there is no dictionary to interpret the logging and no audit logging on a user by user success. Only failures will show specific users.


                  Logging is improving with each new release of NPrinting but for the time being, additional intuitive information is not available other than what currently appears in the logs.