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    3D surface graphs



      I was wondering if QV allowed one to do 3D surface graphs or charts? I looked when I was trying to set one up, and they didn't have the option that I saw. It's disappointing that a data visualization software such as QV wouldn't have what I consider to be a fundamental analysis function as this.



        • 3D surface graphs
          John Witherspoon

          Yeah, I don't think it exists. Yeah, it seems like a pretty basic function, doesn't it?

          My guess is that it's possible by using extensions. I'm still on version 9, which doesn't have extensions, so I won't be much help beyond that.

          If that doesn't work, perhaps you could use color for the "height" of the surface, and just plot it in two dimensions. It's not as clear as being able to rotate a three dimensional surface, but it has to be more clear than just a table of numbers.