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    Create a smart reporting


      I'm not very comfortable to build some nice report in QV with the Edit Reports Module.

      I have 3 requests :

      1- Have you got some best practice post or any experience to relate ?

      2- I can't success to add in a report a Button object by drag & drop. Is there a such possibility ?

      3- How can I build a report depending of one parameter (example Region) to get report for each Region. Maybe a macro to loop ?


      Thanks for any kind of help


        • Create a smart reporting


          request 2 : A report is done to generate pdf, so it becomes static, a button is not really relevant on a report, since there is no more action.

          request 3 : you can easily do it with publisher, to make a report for each value of a field. And inside one report you can do one page per value.

          request 1 : I am not really familiar with that stuff too, but I think it works quite well, is someone can tell us about experiences... thanks,


          hope this will help


            • Create a smart reporting
              Michael Solomovich

              1. There is no best practice, as far as I know. Sometimes it is a rather frustrating expereince to create a report that looks nice with any data.
              2. Agree - button doesn't make sense there. Still, you can drag the image of a button. First you have to show caption (not that normally you'd do for a button), drag it, and after that you can hide caption. Same with the text boxes, which unlike buttons you may need.
              3. Besides macro and publisher, it can be done using banding - see report properties.

                • Create a smart reporting

                  thanks !

                  I understand the banding option and it works fine.

                  But not for the button using caption, drag/drop.

                  I need button because I have a formula I want to display.

                  Another question : how can i display the value of my looping field ?

                  Thanks again

                    • Create a smart reporting
                      Michael Solomovich

                      To get a button image or a text box into a report:
                      1. Go to the properties of the button, and check "show caption".
                      2. When in report editor, drag the button by the caption, as you do with charts.
                      3. After you have it in the report, you can uncheck "show caption".

                      Value of the looping field:
                      In theory, the banding should do this as well. In practice, I remember having a problem when it didn't update the value in a text box which was used in a report for this purpose. So instead of using banding, I used a macro that selected values in a field and created report in a loop.
                      Didn't use reports recently, maybe the latest QV versions are cleaner...