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    How do I activate... Pivot Chart Properties: Style: Stripes on every __ row feature ??

    Jennifer Hagen

      Hello All,

      I would like to change the color of every other row in a pivot table but the option is greyed out for me and I do not know how to activate it. I have tried every Current Style option and none of them allow me to make a change

      See screen shot attached: From Pivot chart: Chart Properties: Style: Stripes on every __ row

      Can anyone please help me with this??

      Thank you in advance,


        • How do I activate... Pivot Chart Properties: Style: Stripes on every __ row feature ??
          John Witherspoon

          I don't think you can activate that option. Since it is a pivot table, you can be expanding and collapsing rows all the time. So if you had stripes every N rows, these stripes would be shifting around between values, possibly causing confusion. To avoid this confusion, it looks like QlikTech doesn't give you that option.

          I can think of one approach that would work on fully-expanded rows. For the first (edit: I mean last) dimension and each expression, enter this as the background color expression:


          If you don't want light gray, use whatever rgb() expression you want. It sort of works. It won't put the color on any collapsed rows. And as I mentioned, as you expand and collapse, which rows are colored can jump around. But it seems like what you're asking for, or as close as makes much sense on a pivot table. I wouldn't do it, though. Or maybe, but only if I'd selected "always fully-expanded" on the presentation tab (which I think should activate your stripes option, but doesn't, at least in my version 9).

          Edit: And if you allow pivoting, putting the expression on the "last" dimension makes no sense. I guess you could put it on every dimension, and whichever one is currently "last" would pick up the color.