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    Getting data from chart hypercube

    Maxime Dumas



      I am trying to get the raw data from the chart model. For most of the charts, the data gets filled into qHyperCube.qDataPages. But for widgets such as stacked barcharts and tables, it always stays empty.


      I tried getting the data using the QTable api, using:


              var table = qlik.table(model);
              var listener = function () {
                  console.log("data binded");


      But the listener is never called.


      Is there another way of getting the data for those widgets?



        • Re: Getting data from chart hypercube
          Maxime Dumas

          Found the answer in this post:

          Get data from table or chart


                // Fetch a page of data. A single page can maximum contain 10000 

                // cells. Calculate the page size and number of pages based of qSize 

                // and fetch accordingly. 

                model.getHyperCubeData('/qHyperCubeDef', [{ 

                  qTop: 0,  

                  qLeft: 0,  

                  qWidth: 10,  

                  qHeight: 1000 

                }]).then(data => console.log(data))