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    Help creating a report

    Michael Andrews

      I'm just looking for some general direction to head. I need to recreate a report (example attached)


      Basically, I want the user to be able to select one item name, and then generate a report of unique responses per that item. What is generally the best way to handle this. A pivot table?


      On a side note, if I'm trying to get a unique list of responses per item, what is the best way to handle that? The SQL equivalent would be

      SELECT Response FROM item_response GROUP BY item_name

        • Re: Help creating a report
          Mark Ritter

          If you want an actual report you are going to need to use something like nPrinting or exporting the object to excel and then formatting it there to look like what you want.


          You don't really have reporting options in Qlik Sense.  You can export to a pdf, excel, or an image.  But you get what you get this way.