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    localhost error -112

      Sometimes when I initiate Qlik Sense Desktop I see this error mesage:


      Could not Reach http://localhost:4848/hub with error (-112).


      This does not happends all the time. Sometimes yes other not.


      One day it works properly and other I have to open and close until the message desapears.


      Sometimes even when I change sheets inside an app the mesagge apears and I have to close Qlik.


      The solution I found is to close Qlik when the mesagge disapears, then take out the app I am using in the documents/qlik/sense/app folder and rebbot Qlik. After this I close Qlik and put the app again in the documents/qlik/sense/app folder.


      Normaly this works but sometimes I have to do it 3 or 4 times. As I have to present this to my boss I need it to work without this rare method I try.


      Does anyone have a solution for this??