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    Total in a Drill Down

      I have this expression in a chart- it gives me the correct total at the top and 1st level of the drill down

      drill down is assets, loans, fixed rate loans

      =sum({<Status -= {"Repay"}> * <Class = {"Assets"}> * <Data_Date = {'$(=Date(vProfitMonth))'}>} Balance)
      / sum({1<Status -= {"Repay"}> * <Class = {"Assets"}> * <Data_Date = {'$(=Date(vProfitMonth))'}>} TOTAL Balance)

      but when i drill down further it give me the total of that drill down group - i want to keep the top level drill down total?

      i.e in divisor

      Total Balance $9,000,000 at Top Level

      1st drill Loans Total Balance is $9,000,000

      2nd drill Fixed rate loans Total balance $4,000,000 - I want this to still be $9,000,000