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    Bar chart not showing data for a particular month because of huge difference in 'y axis' scale values

      Hi All,

      I have a bar chart with 2 dimensions and a single expression calculating the sum(RecordCount). Here, the first dimension being a drilldown group of (Year-Month-Weekday).

      Example: Selecting year 2010 displays all months for that year. But, though there is 1 record for the month of December, it jus displays the legend label of 'Dec' on the axis without giving th bar and value of 1 over it. The 'y axis' range being from 0 to 400 currently with a step of 100.

      Please refer attached jpeg image.

      Also, when the scale is manually set by providing static min and static max under chart properties->Axes tab, it does display the bar with value 1 for December'2010 when : static min=0, static max=390. But not when static max=400.

      But we cannot set it manually coz 'y axis' scale will vary depending on data.

      Only reason I can think of, is because of the huge difference in step scale on 'y axis'. Is that right?

      Any work around on this?

      Thanks in advance.