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    QlikSense Cloud Import Data

    Christopher Ellis

      Does any one have any experience in importing data using the Import Data button on QlikSense Cloud?


      The reason I am asking is that I upload files manually by dragging and dropping, the file uploads successfully. However when I come to uploading the file with the same name again it does not always replace the file.


      What I think it is doing is,  it uploads the file and I can then see both files with the same name but the old one isn't getting replaced with the new one. When I refresh the page one file is left but has the old data in.


      The file size is 40MB, other than that everything else is working.


      Any insight appreciated.





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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Chris - check these videos out and let me know how you do:



          Attach files in Qlik Sense Cloud - makes the data available as part of the app AND it is not in the data area. You can see the attached data by going into the Data Manager and clicking the Add Data button (plus symbol) or and then in the interface there is an attach button and you will see the attached file.




          Let me know how you do.



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              Christopher Ellis

              Hi Michael,


              The data sets and load work ok.


              Because they are all in the load script of the app I only get the option to view the linked data in the data model viewer, which is ok because I do all my development in QlikSense Desktop to create QVD files to upload.


              The videos don't mention anything on replacing data files with the same name and how they work.


              Are they suppose to be overwritten when the new data file is imported with the same name or do they need deleting first ?


              Many Thanks



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                  Michael Tarallo

                  Agreed, I need to cover that, once I get confirmation that it works - at the moment there is a known issue with this.


                  1) There is a known issue with cloud when replacing, overwriting, refreshing data files that have been imported, I know they are actively working on it - I will check on the status. So if you have an app that is using the path to load data that has been imported and you upload a newer file, you would expect that app to reflect the data of the new filer - it does not. I have to see what the work-around is.


                  2) With attach files - i believe it is the same thing - i just tried it and my updated file with the same name did not reflect the new data.


                  let me get some answers