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    Small questions about Set Analyses - witch we all love so much :-)

      Dear all smart people out there,

      My report is a financial report, showing 10 weeks at the time, but I only want certain number to show in certain weeks.
      (The reason for calculation the week, is that I have divergent weeks/periodes..)

      Is it popssible to write something like this:


      SUM({$<Year={$(=Year(Today()))},[Week(Today()+(7*4)]= {11,20,28,37,46}>} Sales)

      in order to only get sum if week = 11,20,28,37,46

      My problem is the "[Week(Today()+(7*4)]="-part, I dont think I can write it like this.

      Any suggestions?

      *Still feel like a newbee, still very much in love*