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    Daily Text Update, cannot return text value?

    Derek Jones

      Hi All

      I'm sure this is an easy one, but I've hit a brick wall.

      I'm trying to add a bit of fun to my sales dashboard by including a Daily "Quote of the Day" or "Joke of the Day" etc. I thought of storing the quotes in a table which has a different quote for every day (SHIPPED_DATE).

      In order to find the latest day to bring back the latest quote of the day, I've created a variable called zMaxDate which finds the Max(SHIPPED_DATE) from the sales table.

      My issue now comes trying to return the text for this date. I've tried using IF statements where zMaxDate = SHIPPED_DATE and also tried SetAnalysis, with no luck (I think it's because the SHIPPED_DATE could have more than one entry in the sales table, so a sum will work on data, but not on text?)

      I've attached a simplified example of my problem.

      Any suggestions welcomed,

      My thanks in advance