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    WTD, MTD, YTD and running totals

    Piotr Lipski



      I would like to prepare very simple report (I thought) but I have some problems with running totals.


      I would like to have report with 4 expressions: Current Sales, WTD Sales, MTD Sales and YTD Sales.


      Problem which I have is that user need to have possibility to select eg. only one day or random period.


      I found two ways for that but both are not perfect.

      • First is when I have in dimension all measures like Year, Month, Week. In such case figures looks fine but I have 5 dimension instead of 2. In final version I really would like to keep it simple with only Store and Date.


      • Second option is to use set analysis and TOTAL but in such case I don't have accumulative WTD but only final totals for week.


      I tried to find solution with first option but when I keep in dimension only Store and Date I have such things...



      Last version of my WTD expression looks like below :

      =RangeSum(Above( sum( {<Date=>}Sales),0,7))