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    How to return data for a list of customers

      I have a list of customer like: Customers =('232','2345','24567'), list which in reality is much longer. I need to extract the data just for this specific list, as it's a specific segment of customers which we want to screen. How do i edit the formula in Dimensions?

      i tried several variation of IF, ONLY, but i can't seem to get it right. Could please anybody help me out?

      Many many thanks!

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Marina,


          We need more information as this does not give us enough to help you.


          We can split this into rows using SubField() - but this occurs in the load of the data as it is a data transformation step and does not occur in the Dimension (Master Items - where the data is already loaded)




          Load SubField(customernums,',') as Customer_id Inline "


          • Can you provide exactly what the raw data looks like?
          • Does it have parentheses ('232','2345','24567')  or is it just like this '232','2345','24567' or without quotes etc?
          • Are we splitting this into a new field names customer_id? etc. We need to know what you want to do with the data.



          Let us know and we can attempt an example for you.


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            Andy Weir

            A simple and quick solution to your need might be to just select the required customers in a filter and create a bookmark which you can apply as and when you want to focus on these key customers.

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              Shubham Singh

              First load your list of customers in a table format, then use a where exists in your data loading.