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    How to make QS like Tableaus drag & drop for self analysis ?


      HI All


      i like to know who have set up a demo app that make QS look like TableauS demo app allow the user the drag & drop to plot the chart . It allow user change the dim and measure as their wish. In QS we need to bring in the chart or table first . Then insert in dim And measure we like , in QS allow us to create master key.. My question is how to organise them . As for measure there are too many .


      Those who have try Tab before pls share.



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          Laurent Paume

          Hi Paul,


          In my experience I would tell you not to simply copy tableau software but create an ergonomic and user friendly app.


          For example, load your data, create all your master items (dimensions + measures).

          Then add simple measures on your first tab to show global KPi's like a dashboard, add a bar chart and drag and drop dimensions and measures in it.

          Add your chart to master items.

          Create a second sheet now add your master visualisation freshly added chart and drag a table or pivot table on it. It will ask you if you want to convert it to a table click yes and you're done.


          You now have a quick dashboard and detailed vision of your data in a few clicks.


          You can do so much more, your only limit is your imagination.