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    Syntax to change URLs and Query Parameters using WITH CONNECTION

    Nathaniel Anderson

      I have a column of URLs, in Excel: I want to load all of them.

      And I may allow user to change URL query parameters via the same Excel.


      I don't want to create separate Qlik Sense REST Data connections for each.

      Can I use the "WITH CONNECTION"? I'm sure I can.

      WITH CONNECTION keyword

      The REST Connector supports the WITH CONNECTION keyword, which can be used to override URLs, query parameters and query headers in a connection. The POST body can also be overridden when the POST method has been selected for the connection. WITH CONNECTION allows you to alter some parts of a connection rather than create a separate connection.

      I can find two examples:

      Modifying the URL:

      WITH CONNECTION(Url "http://rd-xxx-win8.rdfund.hypertek.com:1337");

      Modifying the Query parameters:

      WITH CONNECTION(QUERY "startAt" "$(startAt)");

      But I can't see where this "WITH CONNECTION" syntax is described -- does anyone have a link? Like in Backus-Naur form which Qlik help uses for other syntaxes.