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    Python with Qliksense .

    shekar shekhar

      I have been asked to used python with Qliksense . I am not sure what all things can been achieved by using python .
      Please help me understand with an example .

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          Bill Markham

          Strange question. 


          I'd suggest you go back to the person who asked it and ask them "why?"



          Loads of things can be achieved with QlikSense extensions but they normally revolve around things like JavaScript, html, css, etc.....

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              shekar shekhar

              Hi Bill ,


              Thanks for the info .


              It will be great if you can let me know that :


              1) Can python really be used with qliksense for any purpose ?

              2) Cant python be replaced with JavaScript or CSS , considering fact that python is one of the scripting language ?


              I am really sorry if I sound reiterating same thing , what I had posted earlier .

              But before reaching back to same person , if I have answers for these I will be better in putting my thoughts further .


              Note : The person whom I am referring to , is a Qlik evangelist (though he is not technical) . And has personal interest in Python as its open source .