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    Visualization issue - I had a solution, but I don't remember ... (stack a combochart)

    Friedrich Hofmann



      sorry, it's too much of an effort to search all my old Threads for the solution - I had it once, but I did not write my threads with the possibility of searching them later in mind, so I'll rather ask the question again - I have half the solution, that's as much as I have taken down - maybe someone has the other half and can help me:

      - I want to create a combochart, but stacked - not possible as a Standard - but why: I want to display a figure each day - the nr. of

        lorries that have arrived - in early and late shift. Every day - and both shifts - should be clickable because there are many more details

        behind - the vendor, the license_plate, the payload etc.

      - The pure barchart can do stacked segments of course, but i cannot click them - only one bar (one day) as a whole.


      => I had the solution once and it involves (that's what I have taken down on the issue) having a second dimension which must


            be active at the same time. I think I remember it also involves some visibility_conditions, but that's as far as it goes.


      Maybe someone can help me remember? Then I will immediately write it down as part of my standards_documentation which is also a kind of "missing manual", for some issues at least.

      There might also be a document in the Community to that end? That would be handy - in case there isn't, I will write one. I'm a fan of always documenting processes and new_found solutions.


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,



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          Friedrich Hofmann

          Hmmm ... I have read some of my old posts, but from those I can take only the information that I need two simultaneously active dimensions to get the expressions - there must be two it seems - stacked.

          Well, when I have a stacked barchart first, then switch to a combochart and create two dimensions and I have two expressions - both with an IF()-construct in the formula (so that one shows the figures for the early shift and the other shows figures for the late shift only), the properties_dialog still says it's stacked ("design"_tab), but it isn't ...