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    Nprinting 17.3 what the f...

    Liron Baram

      i must say , i just saw

      the release notes of nprinting 17.3 and to say

      i am disappointed will be an under statement .

      i can't see how this qualify as a new version where the only new feature is

      "Local settings are transferred automatically to the designer"

      sorry but i can see how a cache refresh is a new feature.

      furthermore it means that we'll have to continue using np 16 ,until more gaps (HTML Embedded ,etc)   are closed

      hope to see a real new version in June.

      when you come to think about it it's a year since 17.0 and most of the gaps are the same

      i'll be happy to hear your thoughts

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          Carlos Silva

          I was expecting more features in this version, I'm a bit disappointed too

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            Thomas Cullinane

            Couldn't agree more. I'm very disappointed too, but not surprised...


            With the upcoming end of life of QV11.2, and nprinting16 not being supported with QV12 and no communication from qlik on what their intentions or timeline is, I don't know how to plan future development. Is it a case of telling the business, 'no you cant have what you currently have and want, but heres a self service tool (QS), you can go figure it out yourself'


            Come on Qlik, some clear communication on whats going on in this space is needed.


            (Bring back Vizubi!)