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    SVG Map addon not refreshing on Webview page switch

    Daniel Nasseh

      Hello everyone,


      i use the SVG Map addon. Usually people use it to display numbers within Geographic maps or things like that.

      I myself use it for displaying disease occurences within organs and created over 70 maps for individual diagnoses.


      Now my really big problem! I have a large QV project - it has a lot of sites. The SVG map works perfect when i activate Webview.

      But when i change site => Jump somewhere else and jump back to the site where the SVG map was embedded, then the SVG map is not shown. To make it work again i have to press F5.


      For me this would be fine, but i actually want people to work with it - so my question is: Is there a way to autorefresh the SVG Maps as soon as you enter a site where a SVG map is embedded?


      So that people do NOT have to press F5 before the MAP contents reapear.