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    SelectionBox with Different Languages

    Court van de Lisdonk



      My question is: How can I translated the selectionbox optiontext? IF IT IS POSSIBLE !!!!!!


      I have a Qlikview Document where it is possible for users to select a language. At the moment the options are: Dutch, English, German, Danish, Polnish and Chinese. I have an excelfile DataDict with the translations, which is loaded in the script. 


      For the translations I use :  = Only({<Index = {498}>} $(vLanguage)) .#LANGUAGE are the language-possibilities  and (in this case) 498 is the line in the excelfile where the translations are.


      I succeed to translated almost everything in my document. Only the selections made by users and  displayed in the selectionbox is for me the big question.


      F.e. If I choose DUTCH as language and 2017 as Year, everything is translated in Dutch except YEAR in the selectionbox (see jpgfile).


      I can use a TextBox with the = GetCurrentSelections() Function, but there I have the same Problem and I don't have the possibilities

      of a selectionbox (Status, Clear Icons, Lock Unlock etc). Using the ColumnLabels is no Option.


      Looked through many Questions and Solutions here on the site , but found no answer for my question. So I hope someone can help and has the solution,


      Thanks in advance


      Regards Court