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    Connect Sense to Sharepoint List

    Paul Damen



      I want to connect my sense environment to a SharePoint list. I found several topics on the forum regarding this but I can't get it to work for my link. I have the rest connector installed but I can't find the link I provide which I tried to create with input from the forum. Hope you guys can help me create the correct link.


      My url to the list is https://PAGENAME.sharepoint.com/PM%20Recruiting/Lists/Contacten/AllItems.aspx


      I think I found the list ID which it looks like i need: 7BB4074C45-2D8DEC-2D4C78-2D830A-2DAAD6D461249A-XX

      Any thing else needed? Hope you guys can provide me with the correct URL to connect to

      Regards, Paul