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    modify Inline table rows based on value

    Supriya R



      i have a inline table as below



      LOAD * INLINE [

         client_id, Metrics,Metrics-SortOrder

          1, INVITATIONS,1

          1, DELIVERED,2

          1, OPEN,3

          1, BOUNCE,4


          1, SIGN-UP,6

          2, INVITATIONS,1

          2, DELIVERED,2


          3, DELIVERED,2

          3, OPEN,3

          3, BOUNCE,4


          4, INVITATIONS,1

          4, DELIVERED,2




      In above inline table you can see that

      1.) Different Client_id has different row

      2.) some have like client_id 2 and 5, they have same rows


      But above is tedious, if client gets increase number of rows in table get increases and not a right way, i have to make it dynamic or something shorter to achieve same result.

      Can i put logical and/or for client_id having same rows?


      Any idea in this? or other work around i could achieve. Any suggestions.