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    Qlik NPrinting 17 Help with SSL certificate

    Lauran van Hoek

      Hello everyone,


      I'm seeking some aid for the installation of a SSL certificate in NPrinting 17 NewsStand.

      I already tried the qlik help on this subject but I didn't understand completely because I don't have that much knowledge of certificates.



      I have received a NewsStand certificate for a routed URL from the IT administrator. It contains 3 cer files that I merged into a pem file but I don't have two files that are stated in the help file. Do I need these for this to work? I don't think the 3 files i received are X509. How can I check that?

      The help file also states that I have to use the Pem file as a certificate file to setup the proxy. How do I do that?

      In the last part of the help file after the bold Install Certificates text. I have to put the certificates and private key (which I don't have I think) in a folder (that I found) but is that the Pem file I just made or is it something else?


      You can see I'm pretty clueless about this whole thing, I hope somebody might be able to help me with this.


      Kind regards,


      Lauran van Hoek