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    License Monitor and Operational Monitor Task fails - 3.1 SR5

    Patric Amatulli



      one of our customer has a problem with the reload of the tasks after installation of the server.

      Connector failed where can be the problem?


      Further details after reading this article:

      Operations Monitor 3.0 fails to reload - can't connect to QRS with REST connector


      • Our Service user has RootAdmin rights on the server
      • Windows Authentication is setup as default in the Virtual Proxy
      • The problem seems when trying to fetch the data from qrs_useraccess:
        In fact we have also a problem in synchronizing the user with the LDAP Generic Adapter: User sync fails  - Generic LDAP
      • Could be this correlated?


      We encountered many problems during the installations and the client is not very happy about that.


      Somebody could support me in this mission :-) ?