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    Rolling up Postcode Area's into regions

    Nicholas Truss



      We have just got a trial licence for Idevio maps. Just a quick question to get us started. I have a list of UK Postcodes which we have rolled up to 2 digit postcodes eg. NN14 1RW would be "NN". What we then do with these 2 digit postcodes in roll the up into regions. How is this done in Idevio maps? I've tried using a drilldown from "Zone name" to 2 digit postcode but I am getting an invalid lookup error on 12 of the zone names. Obviously not sure why this is happening either.


      ideally what we want to do is have the Zone show first, then postcode 2, then postcode 4 so in the above example "NN14". Any help on how we do this would be fantastic.


      Many thanks,



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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Nicholas - welcome! I don't have an exact answer for you just yet as this requires some additional troubleshooting, I will make sure a GeoAnalytics person sees this. In the meantime check out this video: Qlik GeoAnalytics - Troubleshooting a location lookup found here: Qlik GeoAnalytics Getting Started Videos.


          There is also a video here that shows creating a drilldown: Qlik GeoAnalytics - Creating a Drill-down Area Map


          Perhaps we can see what is failing and this might bring more clarity.




          Let us know how you do.


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              Nicholas Truss

              Hi Michael,


              Thanks for your reply, I have already watched your video on the drilldowns which is great and shows exactly what I want to be able to show. I'm not sure the best way to describe my issue. I have list of the the 2 digit UK postcodes and these are then split into our custom regions for example the postcodes CH, WA, WN, L, M, OL, CW would ideally show in the first layer as "North West", you could then drilldown into "North West" and see the applicable postcodes, then a third drilldown would be available where you could see the 4 digit postcodes in the 2 digit postcode area for example selecting CH, you could then see CH65, CH66, CH2, CH3 etc which you could then select to view actual locations with more detailed information about those locations?


              At the minute the only region that seems to be working of our 13 is "Scotland" maybe because Qlik is picking this up as a country name and it is not unique to our regions. I believe I may have to create a polygon. I have been sent one by our Qlik providers in the UK but I'm not really sure how to open it to see what's inside it as it is a QVD file. We have been told it contains UK postcode boundaries which can then be rolled up into regions but I'm unsure as to how this is done.


              Thanks again,