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    How to use nested query in qlik view reports.

      I have the sql which have nested queries . I am not able to understand how to use nested query in the qlik view report.

      In my query temp table has been created and then the column of the temp table is used in where condition




      SELECT tmp.roster_cnt


      SELECT tmp.roster_cnt

      SELECT tmp.roster_cnt



      as total_count, w.territory_name FROM web_track_appts w



      NVL(SUM(WI.ROSTER_CNT), 0) roster_cnt, territory_name






      SELECT DISTINCT WRKEVNTID FROM WEB_TRACK_APPTS where appt_cnt is not null) temp

      where wi.wrkevnt=temp.wrkevnt group by territory_name) temp 1

      where w.territory_name=temp.territory_name


      Any suggestion how to proceed on this