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    Last week orders

    Günter Angerer

      Hello Qlikviewers!

      I'm trying to show all orders that were entered in the previous week by mtons, the used dimension is the sales department that book the orders. I used the below formula, but had no success:

      EWoche = Week number in which the order was entered
      EJahr = Year in which the order was entered
      both were "loaded as" from the field "Erstellungsdatum" in the original format DD.MM.YYYY
      Auftragsmenge in Tonnen = the numbers of tons booked in an order

      I used the following formula but got no result:

      Sum ({$<EWoche={Week(Today())-1)}>}[Auftragsmenge in Tonnen])

      The set should pick the whole previous week, i.e. from Monday to Sunday, based on the current date resp. week.

      I found a similar thread, but the solution was obviously wrapped in an qvw file which I couldn't open as I'm currently still using the personal edition.

      I would really appreciate your help!

      Many thanks and regards