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    Access denied to QlikView Enterprise Management Console


      I have installed QV 10 Server on a VM with Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition.

      I have created a domain account to setup and to start the services. This account is a local administrator for my VM.

      I have selected these options during the setup: QlikView Server, Reload/Distribution Engine, Management Console, Web Server + QV Web Server. The setup is finished successfully.

      I have started these services, running as my domain account (see above): QV Directory Service, QV Distribution Service, QV Management Service, QV Server and QV Web Server. The QlikView Administrators group has been created.

      I have launched the QV Enterprise Management Console and I have this error message:



      Access Denied

      Membership of local security groups is missing.

      Please refer to the manual for more information

      I have seen that it has been created the IQVS_QlikView10. I have tried to put it into local administrators group and into QlikView administrators group, but unsuccessfully. I have the same error.

      The url of Management console is: http://localhost:4780/qemc/default.htm.

      Any helps to me, please? Thanks