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    Need assistance with formula

    Gerhard Lourens

      Good day all.


      I have a situation that i am unable to figure out. Where normal requests and queries are ok.. I struggle with a certain string of items i need from data with IF and When, however i am not understanding how the Qlik language and syntax works. Is there anyone whom i can send a file to or upload here so i can explain what i am trying to achieve?


      I actually added a file.. what i need to do is the following ( this is just 1 day's items, but the idea would be working on date.. so unique values per day is needed from this.


      1 - for each unique user id i need a count of the transaction types per day.

      2 - for each unique user id i need the first entry date/time and the last for each day to show in total hours for each day.

      3 - If the first entry date and the last entry date = more than 9 hours, I need this to stand out and then the amount of time spent over 9 hours needs to reflect as well as the count per transaction type for each individual user per for that amount of time.



      Kind regards