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    Set analysis in QlikSense - variable help

    Carl Blunck

      Hi everyone,


      I am transitioning a dashboard from QlikView to QlikSense and a set analysis expression that works perfectly fine in QlikView is not working at all in QlikSense.


      Here is the expression from QlikView:


      Count({<MonthYear ={">=$(=date(addmonths(date#('$(vYearMonth)','MMM-YYYY'),-11),'MMM-YYYY')) <=$(=date#('$(vYearMonth)','MMM-YYYY'))"}, Year=,Month=>} DISTINCT(ows_ID))


      Can someone please help in getting this to work in QlikSense?


      Data models between QlikView and QlikSense are exactly the same and the variable is declaring the correct value so I am stumped!!


      Thanks in advance