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    Divide measure before date X

    Stefan Koppejan

      Hello all,


      I really need some help, I have the following chart:



      formulas are:

      Aantal klantvragen: count({<[Klant label]={'XX'},[Month]=>}AppID)

      Verzekerd: count({<[Klant label]={'XX'},[IsVerzekerde]={1},[Month]=>}AppID)


      What I want and can't get working. I would like to divide al numbers before Date 25-11-2016 by 2. And round up.


      numbers would be like:


      Aantal klantvragen:

      jan 238

      feb 192

      mrt 314

      dec 230


      I have a Date field in format 'DD-MM-YYYY'.


      I hope someone can help me.




      Regards Stefan