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    Dynamic Dinominator

    Mohammad Sarif

      Hi All,


      I have denominator in division calculation like below:


      RangeSum(Value) /

      ((4*Count (distinct PLANT)) - Count({<Dates1 = {"$(=Date(Date#('$(vDATE)','M/D/YYYY') - 7))","$(=Date(Date#('$(vDATE)','M/D/YYYY') - 14))","$(=Date(Date#('$(vDATE)','M/D/YYYY') - 21))","$(=Date(Date#('$(vDATE)','M/D/YYYY') - 28))"} >}Dates))

      But my chart is behaving wrongly. However If we plot the same expression of denominator in Single KPI, it returning a correct numeric value.

      Can you please help.