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    Combining 2 items into one line

    Laura Kearns


      Item #s have changed. I need to have both the old and the new on the same line. I need to do this for several pairs of items and then exclude their individual parts so as not to double count the sales. E.g. Below we are now using Item #9 but it was #3.

      I've tried the following in both sum and goup and it doesn't work for more than one set of items. Plus it says there is an error in the formula despite it actually working.


      =Group({$<Material Num={'9'},IMaterial Num={'3'}>})


      =SUM({$<Material Num={'9'},Material Num={'3'}>})

      I need the box to look like this, but instead show only one line which sums 9&3. Then I need to do the same for other sets of items but in the same chart. I.e. using the total won't help because I need to combine lots of pairs of items.

      Hopefully this makes sense.

      Any help appreciated.

      Thx. L.