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    Forecast shows only latest total

    Ashley Casselman

      I have figured out somewhat how to use the forecast feature from other forum posts, but when i try to customize for my own situation, i'm having a problem.  My project has 2 full prior years of data plus current YTD.  My line chart uses month and year dimensions to show month over month accumulation, with each line representing a year.

      When I turn on the forecast feature for the full dataset in my chart nothing happens - the line for current YTD stops at this month. So i tried doing an overlay, where one chart would show just the 2 full prior years, and another chart could lay over the top with the current YTD plus forecast, but when i do that, it projects a straight horizontal line out for the rest of the year with the same value instead of projecting based on the first 2 months of data.


      Can anyone tell me what I'm missing?  I want the current year line to project out to end of this year.