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    Plan and rev in same row despite different dimensions

    Christian Schmitz

      Good evening,


      I have concatenated a Plan table and Actual Sales table - both have some equal fields (e.g. customer name, from, to) + some particular fields which can just be found in the one or other table (e.g. Agreement Type).


      In the frontend I would like to show in  a table box all equal dimensions: customer name, from, to as well as a field which can just be found in the Plan table: Agreement Type etc. As expression the sales numbers and plan numbers should be shown in one and the same row!


      Unfortunately due to the fact, that I am using a dimension which Is originally just from the one table, QlikView displays my result in 2 rows...I would like to have it in one?! (So that instad of the 0.00 in row 1, there should be 1765, and row2 is eliminated).




      Does somebody can help me please?

      Thx so much, kind regards



        • Re: Plan and rev in same row despite different dimensions
          Marcus Sommer

          One possibility might be to display Agreement Type not as dimension else as expression - maybe per:


          only([Agreement Type])


          Another solution would be to fill those fields within the script. This meant something like extracting the Agreement Type together with a key (or maybe a combined key from several fields) from the plan-table into a mapping-table and then calling this value per applymap() with your sales-load.


          - Marcus