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    Scheduled biweekly reload for QV Management Console

    nicholas bravobi

      Is it possible and how can I schedule a biweekly (twice a month) reload to update the data of the QlikView Reports / Dashboard using QlikView Enterprise Management Console e.g on 2359 h of every month's

      1. 20th

      2. 5th

      I read on Qlik Server Manual by default only once monthly.


      Select the number of day of every month (having that number of day), for the reload function to start, in the drop-down list:

      • 1, 2, 3... 31, and Last Day, where each value represents that day of every months.

      Also, enter the time for the reload function to start, in this text box, by using the following format: hh:mm.


      Thanks for the help.