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    Authentication mechanism while Integrating Qlik sense into external web app through iFrame

    Vinuthna S



      I have installed Qlik sense desktop software where I have created a app in the hub.

      In "localhost:xxxx/dev-hub/single-configurator" I select the same app from the dropdown list and on click on single sheet i get the iFrame content which I include it in the iFrame src of the enternal app..

      But the problem is, in the external web app before the sheet is loaded, I get the authentication pop-up from Qlik for Username and Password.

      I want to handle the authentication with in the code and avoid the Pop-Up for username and password from Qlik since Qlik is embedded with the Web App.

      What are the possible ways to handle it?

      My external app is hosted in the deployment server which is accessed by multiple tenant, hence i cannot afford to keep certificate in every tenant user. I'm looking for solution where the authentication mechanism is handled at the server end, we are using IIS server.


      Please give me direction as to which API and mechanism to use to handle authentication at the server end


      Thanks and Regards,