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    Using exclude E() with multiple set modifiers

    Andrew Noble



      I am trying to return some data by excluding particular items.


      Example: Return all the sales that are not dogs or were not paid by cash


      Method 1

      The following function does not give me what I want, because there are nulls in the data that I also want to return

      Sum( <${

      <Animal -= {'Dog'}> +

      <Payment -= {'Cash'}>

                }> Sales)


      Method 2

      I was hoping to use exclude instead, as it handles the nulls. However, this won't work either - I think it is because E() cannot handle multiple set modifiers.

      Sum( <${

      OrderNumber = E({$ <Animal = {'Dog'}> +

             <Payment = {'Cash'}>})

                }> Sales)


      Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.