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    find duplicated rows?

      Hello all

      I'm new in QV. Lets say i have table with 2 fields. 1 is country and 1 is postal code inside. Some country names duplicated because of postal codes. other countries name without postal code didn't duplicated. Now i need to make new field contains 1 to duplicated country names and 0 to non duplicated country names.

      How to do this. Please help



        • find duplicated rows?

          Hello Muncho,

          This can help you ?


          Load * Inline
          [Country, PostalCode
          COUNTRY 1, 1000
          COUNTRY 2, 1500
          COUNTRY 2, 2000
          COUNTRY 3, ];

          Count( Country) -1 as Flag
          resident Table1
          Group By Country;

          Noconcatenate Load * Resident Table1;
          left join Load * Resident Table2;

          drop table Table1;
          drop table Table2;





            • find duplicated rows?

              hello Beyrem

              thanks for your post. but its not helping. because in your example there are only 3 countries inside and count them and -1 as flag so its giving 0 and 1. add more country names and reload your example you can see the problem.
              there is about 400 duplicated and not duplicated county names inside my data and it's not giving me right result.