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    'Simple' increase/decrease calculation in textbox

      Hi all,


      I wish to have a text box expression which counts a field (enq_Id) based on a varying week class.(either Current Week or Week-1)


      This is currently working where it count all Enquiries recieved in the current week

      ='Enquiries:'&num(COUNT(if(Week_Class=('Current Week'),Enq_Id)))



      but I also wish to display the previous weeks result and the increase or decrease between current week and week -1.

      I have tried various variations on the following

      ='Enquiries:'&num(COUNT(if(Week_Class=('Current Week'),Enq_Id))) & if (num(sum(COUNT(if(Week_Class=('Current Week',Enq_Id) -COUNT(if(Week_Class=('Week-1',Enq_Id,' enq INCREASE ',' enq DECREASE ')&'on prior week'

      I cannot get the increase/decrease calculation to work no matter how much I adjust the syntax.
      Any ideas?