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    minimize icon

    david oh

      Hi All!!


      I hate how my minimization icon looks like.

      I wish I can make just the text to be the minimization icon.


      I am trying to minimize the "country filter" listbox and have users click on it when they need to use it.



      I want it to look like this


      not like this



      Please help!! Thankyou!!

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          Andy Weir

          Looks like a Qlikview question.


          May I ask how the user would know it was something to maximize and not just a piece of text?


          Most people that use a product prefer consistent indicators of functionality. Personally I wouldn't focus to hard on things that are astetic and will only cause confusion to the uses if implemented.






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              david oh

              Thanks for sharing your insight.

              it does make sense users might be confused with inconsistent icons but in this case, it is self-explanatory if I name it      COUNTRY FILTER.

              but still thank you for the comment and share with me if you have an answer to my original question.

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              Rostek Ingo



              also looks like a QlikView question to me.


              Perhaps this solution is suitable for you.

              It is possible to have any textfield as a button to switch different diagrams on another layer to become visible (move to the foreground and in the background again). So there is no need to use minimize option in the usual way.


              In the tutorial video, there is an example how to hide/unhide filters:

              QlikView 11 Developer Tutorial - part 11