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    object in the qlikview document has to get refreshed daily once

    kiran kumar


      I have four charts in my dashboard in which 2 charts has to be refreshed for every 15 mins as new input source arrives every 15 min but 2 charts has to be reloaded daily once to get the trends for the dimensions daily.

      When I checked the Qlik community one way of doing this by writing a macro based on selection of value to attach and detach the charts

      Used the below macro in f


      You could achieve this by macro.

      Something like this:

      SUB TEST
      v_AgentCnt = ActiveDocument.Evaluate("=GetSelectedCount(REGION)")
      If v_AgentCnt>0 Then
      End If
      END SUB


      And put it on the field you want (Document/Properties/Triggers/Field Event Triggers) on OnChange event.


      But when  I am testing the macro it is throwing an error

      Object doesn't support this property or method: 'ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject(...).Detach'



      Can you please let me know if there is a simple way to achieve this requirement...