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    Doubt regarding a formula withSET ANALYSIS OR AGGR



      I don't know if my problem have to be solved with what option: i have to count the number of invoices that in the total have 3 units or less units invoiced.


      I had tried with these 2 options but for some reason they don't work. On the other hand I don't know which is the best option of them to solve this problem, could you explain why???


      the formulas that I wrote are these:


      formula 1: Count(AGGR(SUM([UN VENDIDAS])<=3, NUM.FACTURA)) - this formula is not working well because its counting the invoices that have lines with 3 or less units instead of just counting the invoices that have 3 or less units in the total.


      formula 2: Count({< Sum ([UN VENDIDAS])<=3 >} DISTINCT NUM.FACTURA) - this formula is showing error in the syntaxis


      Thanks for your help