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    does qlik sense desktop allows data upload (excel) in shared qvf files?

      I create an app in my PC and link it with an excel file also in my pc (the excel is stored at C: local hard drive). Then copy the app by the route (documents/qlik/sense/apps/appname.qvf) and share it to other computers.


      In the other computers, when I go to data manager it says that the data is not available (although I paste the excel file in the exact location, in the C local hard drive).


      So I can not modify the data as when I try to upload the same excel, Qlik show error mesage and if I erase the data of the qvf file and try to import the excel file again it also shows an error message.


      So I am traped, I can not modify the data of shared apps? Is there a way to do it or Qlik blocks it for the free desktop version?


      Plese all help is extremely helpful!


      Thanks in advanced!