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    Looping and Adding Values to a Variable

    Mikhail Bespartochnyy

      Hello community,


      I'm working with a database that's growing not only in number of rows but also in number of columns. Each month, an additional column is created to hold forecast values for the two upcoming months. What I'm trying to do is:


      • Check number of fields in a database
      • Create enumerated set of field names (Bid1, Offer1, Bid2, Offer2, etc.)
      • Store that list in a variable and
      • Use that variable to then load all of the fields in a database


      I couldn't find a better way to do this, but if there is one, please let me know. If this is the best way to go about it, does anyone know how to "concatenate" values to a variable and create a list of fields?


      I've attached a sample spreadsheet and a QVW that I started to build. In the QVW, you'll see that at each loop values get replaced instead of added to the vFieldList variable. Thanks in advance for any help with this.


      Mikhail Bespartochnyy