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    Using a list box to populate a Dimension in a straight table

      Hello everyone

      I know that one can use a Cyclic Group for a dimension in a straight table, but I have been asked to refrain from using such and adopt a similar principal but using a list box approach.

      So I have a straight table with all the expressions I could wish for.

      I have one dimension which I wish to be populated from a single selection made in a separate list box.

      That list box lists the names of several field names within my data set, pulled from an inline data island.

      Ive tried playing with the calculated dimension and using getfield selection and it selects the right field name, but inserts it as a text value rather than recognising it as the actual field.

      I can achieve the result using an if statement, but this really impacts the response time. Im used to using MS Access where I can nest several queries together using the result of one query as the driver for the next and the next and so on etc.

      Any help greatfully appreciated, thanks.