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    Qlik Sense Server user without access token sees endless loading bubbles

    Nathaniel Anderson

      I ask my colleague to visit a sheet,

      I share the link with her directly:



      When she hits the sheet, she sees the Qliksense loading bubbles endlessly!

      (if she opens the console, there is some Javascript error. If my memory is correct, it is in hub.js file. Specifically,  "b.sessionPromise" is undefined, so it cannot use "b.sessionPromise.then" as it wants to do. So Javascript and my colleague keeps waiting, waiting...)



      If I ask my colleague to visit the hub and create a new app in "My Work".

      She tries; it fails; she gets a clear message "You do not have an access token".

      I give allocate her an access token, and now the direct link to a sheet will work, AND she can create a new app.


      Just wondering if the endless loading screen is user-error on my part.

      I expect it would give user a similar message, "You do not have access token", and/or redirect her back to the hub.