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    Data reduction in Qlik Sense server

    Ali Hijazi


      Been working on QlikView for 5 years and now switched to Qlik Sense

      Been wondering if data reduction is available in Qlik Sense server like the one in qlikView with publisher

      in QlikView we used to create a task on a source document where in the reduction tab we used to create a copy of the document based on the values of a column and we could use other columns to add more filtering possibilites


      is this available in Qlik Sense or something similar?

      Please advise

        • Re: Data reduction in Qlik Sense server
          Vincenzo Esposito

          Need to pay attention to use the right words. The properly called "Data Reduction" is in charge of QlikView Server (and also Qlik Sense) with the use of Section Access. The scope is to reduce the "data" according with the user logged in the application. This of course works exactly in the same way also in Qlik Sense.

          May be, you want to mention the "Loop and Reuce" which is a Publisher feature having a scope to start from an original QlikVieew document "Looping" on one or more dimensions and generate a number of sub-documents each of which have a slice of the original document.

          A similar OOTB tool does not exist (yet) in Qlik Sense, but you can implement it sing the platform API. A similar solution which create App on fly is the ODAG (Qlik Sense and the App On-Demand)